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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First Doctor's Appt.

Well, Olivia had her first doctor's appointment this afternoon and she is doing great! She had dropped from 7 lbs 8 oz to 7 lbs even when we left the hospital (2 days ago) and today, she is back up to 7 lbs 4 oz. WOW! The doctor said that babies usually gain about 1/2 oz a day and she is gaining 2 ounces a day!

We "were" worried about her weight with the whole breastfeeding thing - since you can't tell how much food they are getting. But after today, not so worried anymore. I thought that she seemed pretty demanding when it came to eating, but now I have confirmation. After describing her eating habits, the doc said that she is a very "voracious" eater and pretty impatient! So, now I've been calling her my little miss piggy! But she's adorable and I wouldn't trade her for anything!

Not much else going on around here for the moment. Susan and Nana are coming for a visit tomorrow so that Nana can meet her. So, other than that, here are the obligatory baby pics for your viewing pleasure!

Here's Olivia this morning in her jammies! Isn't she cute??

Here's Olivia's outfit for the day. Got to look cute for the doctor's appointment!


Sara and Randy said...

So cute! She already looks less like a brand-newborn at 5 days old! They change SOOOOOO quick!

Aunt Darlene & Uncle Darryl said...

Sherry & Grant We are so happy for you!! We love you very much. We are so glad that you have this blog. The pictures are just great. Keep them coming. Love to you all