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Friday, February 15, 2008

Drew-watch update!

Ok, so here's the latest update on the whole 'Drew's missing in action' subject. Becca had an appt. yesterday afternoon and she was dilated only 1 cm (still progress) but they went ahead and scheduled her for induction for Tuesday morning in case he didn't arrive on his own before then. However, to try to make him show up in the meantime, they "stripped her membranes." Apparently this is a layer of membrane that holds everything in - one more layer to bust through. So by stripping this, it should make labor come on quicker. I read up on it last night on one of the prego websites and they all said that if you are close to going into labor anyway, you should go into full blown labor within 72 hours (or sooner), but if you aren't then it may not work. So I went to bed with a little prayer for them (as I'm sure the rest of the family did) and we just got a call from Chad. Drew is on his way! Yeah!!!

Apparently she was woken up with bad contractions about 2 1/2 minutes apart at around 2:30 this morning and they didn't ease up so they took her in. She was only 2 cm when they last checked her at 4am, but since she is making progress and she is past 41 weeks, they are pretty sure they will keep her. So . . . I have a text into Mom and Dad to call me when they get up (no sense in waking them up this early!) and I'll let them know not to pack - we'll be headed there when Grant gets done at work. The nursery can wait!

Becca - we wish you a quick (not too quick so we don't miss it, but we understand :) and relatively painless delivery so you can finally see the cutie you've been hiding in your belly! Congratulations, Chad and Becca! Can't wait to meet him.

I'll post a good picture of him for you all to see, once he has arrived.


1 comment:

Sara and Randy said...

C'mon Drew! Hoping he has arrived by now... Can't wait for pics!