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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Welcome Andrew Alan Nelson!

Drew is finally here! He really didn't want to join us in the real world. It only took an extra 11 days to go into labor then 30-something hours of labor to convince him, but he's here and he's adorable!

Here are his stats:
Andrew Alan Nelson (aka: Drew)
Born at: 10:15 am on February 16, 2008
8 lbs, 3 oz
21" long
Here he is a couple hours after delivery - already pulling for the Pack!!!
And, here's the proud papa! Well, it has been a long delivery for Chad and Becca, but very good end results. There was a lot of stress and worrying going on in that 30-something hours. Here's a brief rundown of the events.

They went into labor thursday night/friday morning and arrived at the hospital around 2:30am (2 cm), they didn't even get into their own room until around lunchtime. They started her on pitocin around 2:30pm. Around 4:00pm, she was about 3-4 cm dilated. We got into town around 7 and she was still only ~4cm dilated. We stayed there for an hour or so visiting and decided that we needed to eat and let them get some rest so we left and Chad was going to call us if it looked like it was going to happen.

Apparently around 4am this morning, she finally got to 10cm (after an increase in pitocin) and they wanted to start pushing. She pushed for 2 hours to no avail. He was face up instead of face down so he was having trouble coming out. They stopped her from pushing because she was exhausted and her epidural was wearing off. A couple hours later they tried again. 2 more hours of pushing and still nothing.

So . . . around 9:30am they decided they would try to use forcepts and if that didn't work they would move right to a C-Section. They took her into the OR and tried to use forcepts to get him out. Still nothing. (stubborn little guy!), they wound up delivering him by C-Section at 10:15 am. It was a long, long road - but he is here and he and momma are healthy and doing well.

Congratulations Chad and Becca! He is adorable!

(Olivia - let's not follow in their delivery footsteps, let's be more like Sara and Randy and just come on out easily and maybe even a little early! :)


Sara and Randy said...

Oh, bless Becca's heart!!! Glad he's here, finally, and he is absolutely adorable!! Tell them congrats for us.

Mr. Hipp said...

Love the Pack gear. Congrats to Grub and the little millworm!