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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Rose

Ok, so Grant and I have been doing some thinking and tossing around some things. We think that it is important for our little ones to have names that mean something and are more than just "cute" names. We are definately set on "Olivia" as her first name, but we have decided to change her middle name. It's not that we didn't like "Anne." We have decided to change her middle name to "Rose" after my mother's middle name. I have always liked Rose and Grant does too. We really wanted Olivia to have a strong family connection and since my mom has always been wonderful and already is a wonderful grandmother to my niece and nephews, we decided to name Olivia after her.

I already know that if/when we have a boy, his middle name will be "Houston" after Grant and his father. This way, Olivia will also have a family connection - and be named after her loving Grandma Noreen Rose!

So, now her new name will be: Olivia Rose Nelson


Anonymous said...

WOW....Didn't expect that.

Thank you for the dedication


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys sure suprised us with the name change!! Now I have to think up some more nicknames for OLIVIA ROSE NELSON. Let's see: Livy, Ollie, Rosey, OR (sports nickname like LT or AI).

Papa Steve

Selena said...

A beautiful name to fit a beautiful baby! : )