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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drew, where are you???

Ok, so still no baby Drew! Poor Becca! He is now 9 days late and has everyone's full attention - so now would be a great time to make his grand appearance! Hopefully we'll wind up in huntersville this weekend to see him and Mom and Dad can just come next weekend to do the nursery with us.

Anyway, so Grant started back at work this week . . . and what a week it has been for him so far! Sunday he had a bit of a fever and has come down with a bad cold or something (just in time to start back to work). THEN on tuesday morning (his REALLY early morning) he came back into the bedroom at around 6 in the morning, and told me that his car wouldn't start. GREAT!! So, I let him take mine since I could do most of my stuff from home that day (except for the meeting I had to go to in Wilson - 45 miles away!!!). So I called my boss and he came to my rescue. He came by and helped get the battery out, which was like an act of congress. Apparently with the European cars, they really don't make it user-friendly to get batteries in and out of a car. Besides the battery being the largest one we'd ever seen, we had to remove some rubber molding - just to free up the large plastic frame that covered the battery and the whole back end of the hood. Then there was this crazy allen wrench bolt holding the bottom of the battery in place - which would have been fine except that you couldn't get to the stinkin' thing to uncrew it. So . . . a half an hour later, my boss and I had the thing out of the car and we were running late for our meetings. Ugh! So we put the battery in his car and headed off to Wilson. After our meeting, we got a new one at walmart and it didn't take us nearly as long to put it all back together once we had figured it out (and bought longer allen wrenches to assist us!!). So, half of my day was spent toying around with that and I didn't get a whole lot more done. But he has a working car again and successfully drove it to and from work today.

I did find out that my brother is quitting smoking . . . finally! I am sooo glad. I have been waiting for this day forever. He apparently just decided that it was time to quit on Saturday and has been doing pretty good with it. He's only had 3-4 cigarettes a day since then and seems really serious about quitting this time! :) Best of luck with that, Sean. And he is thinking about going to college to use his GI bill. So I was talking with him quite a bit about that. He just needs to figure out what to major in. That would be great for him to be able to have a real career that can take him into the future - one that doesn't involve lifting really heavy things and lots of physical labor. Anyway, I wish him luck with that, as well. Lots of changes for them!

Aside from all of that, not much has been going on here. Olivia has taken to sticking her foot in my ribs now - not fun! (not to mention that she is still kicking my bladder every chance she gets). Now if I can only figure out how to get a comfortable night's sleep, we'll be doing good.

Well, that's about all for now. Keep your fingers crossed that little Drew will decide that tonight's the night! :)

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Anonymous said...

Still no Drew, but we'll find something out at the doctor this afternoon. LOTS of contractions and discomfort, so I'm sure he'll be here soon - he can't stay in there forever! I got your message -thanks for the call! Email me at so that I can email you pictures right away when he's born (unless you guys are already in town!).