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Monday, February 25, 2008

My ribs hurt!

Ok, so I can't tell if my rib pain is from Olivia's little feet or from them feeling like they are collapsing when I lay on my side. I think both! They hurt at night when I lay on my side, but they also start randomly hurting during the day when I am upright now. I think little Livy isn't so little anymore and she is kicking away in there. She is apparently more than a foot long now and weighs more than a pound. And when she's kicking and moving around (which is a bunch!) I REALLY feel it!

Other than that, I had a doctors appt today. Everything looked good (weight and measurements), but my iron is a little low and if it is low again next time, I'll have to start taking supplements. . . yuck! I guess now's as good a time as any to get over my aversion to red meat (left over from the morning sickness era) and start eating more of it! Olivia's heartbeat was strong and they found it right away - 150 beats/min - perfect!

My next appointment is the biggie! (March 31st) I'll have the ultrasound to check on that misbehaving placenta of mine and that will pretty much determine how the rest of the pregnancy will go. If it has moved, then everything will be normal. If not - then I may have more restrictions and will have another ultrasound every 3 weeks thereafter to check on it - but usually if it is going to move, it will have moved by that point (week 28). And if it never moves, I'll wind up with having a C-Section around week 37 (right around my 30th birthday!)

I will also have my glucose screening that day - to determine if I have gestational diabetes. I REALLY hope that comes up negative because I DO NOT want to live without my sweets - but especially not my starchy foods! Wish me luck with that whole appointment - that one is going to stress me out.

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Christine Johnson said...

Hey Tonya had the same placenta deal with her Olivia Rose, but she said it corrected herself. See you soon! I have the rest of your stuff! Christine