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Friday, February 8, 2008

He can walk!!

Ok, so sorry it has been more than a week from my last posting, but we've been pretty busy this week. First of all . . . Grant was cleared to begin bearing weight on his leg on Tuesday - so NO MORE CRUTCHES!!! This is wonderful for soooo many reasons: he can carry things himself now and I don't have to follow him around with his food/drinks, he can assist with chores (i.e. cat litter and vacuuming), he is more independent in general . . . oh, yeah and HE CAN WALK! He is doing well with it, though his leg is very sore now from not being used in so long and is not very strong yet. He's going to have a rough Monday when he has to go back to work for a full day!

Other than that, we are waiting for the phone call from Grant's brother telling us that Becca has gone into labor. She was due on Monday and no baby Drew yet! We are hoping it happens soon so we can go down there and see them, otherwise if it happens after Sunday morning, we won't be able to go until next weekend since it will be Grant's first week back at work! Keep your fingers crossed on that one!

This morning we re-visited one of the daycares we are considering and need to check back with the other one sometime to make our decision between them. We may have another possible option besides the daycare route, but we're still figuring that one out. I'll keep you all posted if we go that route - with more details!

Sara and I went out to the outlets in Smithfield this afternoon and got some cute new maternity tops I can wear to work and got a couple cute little outfits for Olivia (THEY HAVE LAMBS ON THEM!!!). We have our shelves for the nursery closet done, but not hung yet. Maybe we can get that done this weekend (if we are in town).

Other than that, I am still doing pretty well. Not enjoying having to sleep on my side and not sleeping well because of it. So, been pretty tired lately. Olivia seems to be doing well, still. She has started doing full fledged sumersaults lately and as I am typing this she is kicking me square in the bladder . . . "Livy, it's not nice to kick mommy's bladder!"

Well, that's about all for now. I'll try to write more often. For now, I need to head off to the bathroom!!! (thanks, Olivia!)

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